RECOMMENDATIONS: Review of the energy market

The National Convention on the European Union published its recommendations, which are the outcome of a national discussion on the topic of energy market review, which was attended by representatives of the state administration, both chambers of the Parliament of the Czech Republic, economic and social partners, together with representatives of European institutions, the non-profit sector and academics.

The debate of the National Convention on the EU focused on three discussion questions: How can we assess the European Commission’s proposal to revise the European electricity market from the Czech Republic’s position? How can the revision of the internal gas market rules be assessed in the context of the energy crisis? How should the EU prepare for the coming winter?

Four recommendations emerged from the opinions presented and the subsequent discussion.

  1. During the negotiations on the EC proposal for the revision of the electricity market organisation, the Czech Republic should advocate for the preservation of a significantly strengthened position of the end customer.
  2. The Czech Republic should well define its energy concept taking into account the regional context and the European energy policy.
  3. The Czech strategic documents should include a clearly defined strategy for the development of nuclear and hydrogen energy.
  4. The Czech Republic should continue to provide incentives to reduce gas demand in line with the extension of the Coordinated Measures Regulation.



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