RECOMMENDATIONS: Evaluation of the Czech Presidency of the Council of the EU

The National Convention on the European Union published its recommendations, which are the outcome of a national discussion on the topic of Evaluation of the Czech Presidency of the Council of the EU, which was attended by representatives of the state administration, both chambers of the Parliament, economic and social partners, together with representatives of European institutions, the non-profit sector and academics.

The debate of the National Convention on the EU focused on three discussion questions: To what extent has the Czech Republic been successful in implementing its presidency priorities? How successful was the Czech Republic in carrying out its presidency in terms of organisation? Has the Czech Republic been successful in promoting its membership of the European Union?

Five recommendations emerged from the opinions presented and the subsequent discussion.

  1. The Czech Republic should take advantage of the positive outcome of the Czech Presidency, its improved image and contacts to formulate and promote the Czech Republic’s long-term priorities in the European Union.
  2. The Czech Republic should lead a debate on the long-term priorities of the Czech Republic in the European Union, in which should involve all relevant political and non-political actors, including non-profit and academic sectors. For example, by commissioning external analyses, whether using the TAČR, as was the case during the preparations for and during the Presidency, or other instruments.
  3. The Czech Republic should establish a framework for longer-term systematic training of civil servants in relation to the European Union and target it to specific needs. For this purpose should use the experience gained during the Czech Presidency for this purpose.
  4. The Czech Republic should ensure adequate security for the future Czech Presidency, both personnel and expertise for public procurement.
  5. The Czech Republic should make use of the experience gained during the Czech Presidency in the field of communication and continue the professionalisation of the public administration in the field of PR and overall coordination with the provision of strong political support for communication, including with journalists, for example through regular briefings before the Councils.



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